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Demand for manufactured homes tends to rise and fall with economic shifts, in some areas. The good news is that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have announced a major initiative to expand manufactured home financing to offer more opportunities to would-be homeowners.

Fannie Mae is modifying their policy to require the appraiser to report the results of a manufactured home appraisal on the Uniform Residential appraisal report (form 1004). They have also developed a Manufactured Home Appraisal report addendum (form 1004c), which is an addendum that will be required as a standard exhibit to Form 1004 for all.

About Manufactured Housing Fannie Mae has been the leading source of liquidity for Manufactured Housing Community (MHC) transactions with staff dedicated to the product since 2000. With unparalleled experience, flexible financing, competitive pricing, and fast execution, Fannie Mae is the partner you can trust when it comes to MHC.

Fannie Introduces Manufactured Housing Changes, Updates Condo Policies. specific architectural and aesthetic features, such as distinctive roof treatments (eaves and higher pitch roofline), lower profile foundation, garages or carports, porches, and dormers; construction elements including durability features,

Manufactured Housing Financing and Incentives | January 24, 2019 3 MHC and Fannie Mae Important mission business excluded from the Cap Multifamily lends on the income generated from the pad rents Tenants typically own their manufactured homes Total real estate development consisting of manufactured housing sites, related amenities, utility service,

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In the past, a hurdle to putting buyers in manufactured homes was financing: Many lenders required larger down payments and.

Manufactured Homes Underwriting Reminders Use this quick reference to help determine if the requirements for sale of a Mortgage secured by a Manufactured Home (MH) to Freddie Mac are met. Refer to Freddie Mac’s Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide Chapter 5703 for complete information on Manufactured Homes. Topic Reminder Manufactured Home

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o Baseline: Previously Fannie Mae introduced a product for the financing of quality manufactured housing loans, MH Select, which had no deliveries in its last three years of availability (i.e., 2010-